What do the different equipment conditions mean?

The rating reflects the equipment’s age and appearance.

During the refurbishing process, major paint flaws are touched up and heavily rusted parts are replaced, along with high-wear parts like springs, position sensors, and handpiece tubing. Still, some packages just look better than others, and that’s where the ratings come in.

Whether it’s labeled Fair, Good, or Very Good, each equipment package goes through a multi-point inspection in order to meet our high standards and earn A-dec certification.

Take a look at the chart below to see the differences.





• Visible peeling at joined surfaces

• Touch-up paint may not match perfectly

• Minor peeling at joined surfaces

• Touch-up paint may not match perfectly

• Minimal peeling at joined surfaces

• Touch-up paint may not match perfectly


• Scratches on metal surfaces touched up, but still visible and easily identifiable

• Minimal scratches, not easily visible

• Scratches do not go down to bare metal

• Minimal scratches, barely visible

• Scratches do not break paint surface


• Dark in contrast

• Apparent across multiple surfaces

• No more than one surface with excessive discoloration

• Minor discoloration, not easily visible


•Rusted areas treated but not touched up

• Rusted areas treated

• Highly visible areas touched up


• Minimal rusted areas

• Highly visible areas treated and touched up

• Rust-free appearance


Equipment covers

• Discolored or marred surface

• Evidence of epoxy

• Not all scratches buffed out

• Used appearance

• Some flaws, minor in nature

• Scratches buffed out

• "Lightly used" appearance

• No apparent flaws

• Scratches buffed out

Color matching

• Mismatched colors (surf/white) on several parts

• No more than one part with mismatched colors (surf/white)

• No mismatched colors visible when covers are installed

Touchpad covers

• Covers mismatched or appear used

• Discoloration on perimeter

• Covers may be mismatched but do not appear used

• No discoloration on perimeter

• Covers match in color

• No discoloration on perimeter


The A-dec Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) products are categorized into one of the following condition standards: “Fair”, “Good” or “Very Good”, as determined by A-dec’s internal “A-dec CPO Condition Standards”. Interpretations of these CPO Condition Standards may vary from person to person. Authorized Dealers are responsible for clarifying any details of the condition and making any compatibility assessments. A-dec is not responsible or liable for any disputes arising from varying interpretations related to the A-dec CPO Condition Standards, including but not limited to A-dec’s determination of the A-dec CPO Condition Standard for a particular product.